Upgraded Trace Minerals

By Upgraded Formulas
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In stock

Trace minerals are a nutrient dense way of "Covering your bases" delivering vital minerals to all parts of the body and vital organs to make sure you’re a well-oiled machine that can perform at peak.

Promoting balanced health, improved digestion, metabolism support and more, these trace minerals are an easy to take form is a no brainer!

With more and more food being processed and losing out on vital nutrients and minerals, it's vital to cover your bases to ensure you can function at your peak.

Taken daily, you can reclaim your energy levels, strengthen your body and immune system, and protect yourself for years to come.

  • Trace minerals
  • Fulvic acid
  • Purified water
  • Sorbic acid

2 dropperfuls with 8-12 oz of water twice daily.